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Membership Benefits Page Update

We are in the process of updating the Utah Trucking Association’s Membership Benefits page. This is a document that Is available on our website and something we share with current and potential members to help inform them of all the benefits they can receive from the association. 
I want to give any member that is interested to share any discounts or benefits they have for active UTA members. If you would like to share any information that you would like to see on our benefits page, please feel free to email me at with information on the discount or benefit you offer to UTA members and I will add it into our membership benefits page. I am hoping to get the update out the beginning of next year. 

2023 Utah Trucking Association Year in Review


Samba Safety

2023 Truckers Agains Trafficking Q3 Vantage Point


FMCSA Administrator Grilled in Congress Over Speed-Limiter Mandate Pursuit 

A hearing of the House of Representatives’ Highways and Transit Subcommittee last Wednesday saw opening testimony from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration chief Robin Hutcheson stress the work her agency has put into implementing provisions of the 2021 infrastructure law, the express subject of the hearing with other administration heads as well. Yet much of the questioning from reps was directed at something not included in that law at all. Namely, subcommittee members grilled the FMCSA administrator about the wisdom of the FMCSA’s moves toward mandating speed-limiter use by commercial motor carriers.

FMCSA Releases Policy Statement on Sexual Assault 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued a new policy statement regarding sexual assault against commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers.

FMCSA Proposes DataQs Appeal Process 

Motor carriers mostly support a proposal that would allow them to appeal state agency Requests for Data Review to federal regulators when they believe a state decision of their crash review is “incomplete or incorrect.” But in written comments carriers have expressed differing views on how the appeals process should work.

Board Proposes Adding Fentanyl to Drivers’ Drug Testing List 

A federal drug advisory group has begun the cumbersome process of placing fentanyl on the list of drugs to test federal safety-sensitive employees and truck drivers for drug use.

Wyoming to Build 365 Truck Parking Spaces Near I-80 and Utah Border 

The Wyoming Department of Transportation Wednesday, Dec. 13, said it will receive more than $26.6 million through the 2023-2024 federal Rural Surface Transportation Grant, which will be used to build about 365 truck parking spaces along Interstate 80 in Evanston.

NHTSA to Set Standard for Impaired Driving Prevention Tech 

U.S. auto safety regulators say they have taken the first step toward requiring devices in vehicles that prevent drunken or impaired driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced on Dec. 12 that it is starting the process to put a new federal safety standard in place requiring the technology in all new passenger vehicles.

Court Okays Sale of 130 Yellow Terminals 

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware Tuesday approved a $1.88 billion sale of 130 now-former Yellow Corp terminals XPO acquired 28 service center locations previously operated by Yellow Corporation. XPO will purchase 26 service centers and assume existing leases for the other two locations. Estes Express Lines (No. 10), $249 million for 24 terminals; Saia (No. 19), $236 million for 17 properties; and Knight-Swift (No. 5), $51 million for 13 terminals.

FMCSA Returns CI ELD Logs to ‘Registered Devices’ List 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Thursday announced that the CI ELD Logs device by CV Options LLC has been reinstated to its Registered ELDs list.

Holiday Crowds on Roads Expected to Be Bigger Than Last Year 

Auto club AAA forecast Dec. 11 that 115.2 million people will go 50 miles or more from home between Dec. 23 and New Year’s Day. That’s 2.2% more than AAA predicted during the comparable stretch last year.

Truck Orders Reach Heights Not Seen in 13 Months 

Class 8 preliminary net orders for November came in at 36,750 units, according to preliminary data compiled by FTR, 32% higher than October and up 2% year-over-year. Those comparisons fell within expectations given seasonal tendencies and the considerable year-over-year decrease in October. Total Class 8 orders for the previous 12 months have equaled 255,500 units.

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