Driver of the Month Nomination

Basis For Nomination:

  • It is the intent of the Utah Trucking Association and the Utah Safety Management Council to select a Driver who will, by past and future record, exemplify the type of career driver whose high standards of conduct and ability are both an asset to themselves and a credit to the Trucking Industry in the State of Utah.  Outstanding deeds and involvement in the community will be given due consideration.  The major terms to be considered in selecting the driver to be so honored will be:

    1. Past driving record.
    2. Loyalty and exceptional attitude toward employer and fellow employees.
    3. Personal appearance.
    4. Respect for and care of employers property and equipment.
    5. Letters of commendation from the general public or from law enforcement agencies.
    6. Good citizenship.
    7.  Community service. (What does the driver do when not driving? Volunteer, Coach, etc.)Utah Trucking Association


  • In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Utah Trucking Associations Driver of the Month Program and to be eligible for the award as the winner, I hereby certify and agree to the following:


    1. All of the statements contained in the material in support of my nomination for the Utah Trucking Driver of the Month/ Year are true and correct.
    1. I will always conduct myself in such a way as to protect and maintain the high status of the title Driver of the Month/ Year and I agree that the title may not be used in any advertising promotion or exhibition except those sanctioned in writing by the Utah Trucking Association, Inc.