Utah Trucking Association Sponsored 401(k) Plan

By joining the Utah Trucking Association 401(k) Plan, you can provide an outstanding plan, save money, and spend less time administering it.  Participation in the plan offloads virtually all administrative tasks from you to Transamerica, the UTA, and 401(k) Advisors Intermountain. The Utah Trucking Association 401(k) Plan, from a government standpoint, is treated like one large plan.  The end result for you is a 401(k) Plan with competitive investments, outstanding service, and someone else doing a majority of the plan maintenance leg work. 401(k) Advisors Intermountain will even provide onsite enrollment and education meetings for your participants.

All members of the Utah Trucking Association are eligible to participate in the UTA 401(k) Plan. The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, reach out to Corby Dall at 401(k) Advisors Intermountain (801) 990-3434 or corby@401kaim.com, provide the requested information for your evaluation and then schedule a no cost plan design evaluation.

To learn more about the Utah Trucking Association 401(k) Plan or to sign up, contact:

Corby Dall
401k Advisors