Health Plan

Utah Trucking Association Health Insurance Plan

What is the UTA Health Plan?

Groups of all sizes are looking for options to CONTROL the rising costs of insurance. The UTA Health Plan is a solution to the ACA imposed regulations. The UTA Health Plan can help your company avoid the ACA Community Rating and join a large group pool of trucking companies to help control costs. Any Utah based trucking companies and companies that directly support the trucking industry, can participate in the program.

Member Benefits

  • Groups with 2 to 100 benefit eligible employees can participate in the UTA Health Plan.
  • The UTA Plan will not be subject to the “Essential Health Benefits” requirement.
  • The UTA Plan will offer composite rates, not the age banded rates of a small group.
  • By joining the UTA Health Plan, you are eligible for large group plan designs & premium benefits.
  • Your group may choose from a wide variety of plans to meet your specific needs.

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List of Brokerages Who Represent UTA's Health Plan

– Beehive Insurance Agency

– CUI Agency

– The Buckner Company

– GBS Benefits

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Dental Benefits

Members of the Utah Trucking Association are eligible to receive preferred member pricing on group dental insurance plans with Dentist Direct. UTA member companies with a minimum of 2 employees can enjoy:

  • Preferred Member Pricing–up to 20% off regular prices
  • No Monthly Billing Fee–annual savings of $180
  • Annual Maximum Carryover Benefit–roll over a portion of your unused annual maximum from year to year
  • $1,000 Annual Max (Year 1)
  • $500 Threshold (50% of Annual Max)
  • $250 Carryover (50% of Threshold)
  • $1,250 Annual Max (Year 2)
  • Carryover Max (Up to $2,000)
  • Comprehensive Dental Coverage–affordable plan options covering procedures like cleanings, x-rays, root canals, crowns, implants, braces, and much more!

Vision Benefits

Members can also add vision insurance through Opticare of Utah with user friendly allowances and thousands of network providers. Consolidated enrollment and billing for dental and vision coverage.

Dentist DIRECT

Is an “A Rated” Utah based company providing local personalized service to our customers. We are able to provide customized dental solutions for all size companies with access to 2,660+ local and 183,000+ national dental providers.

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Dentist DIRECT Dental Plans
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