Utah Trucking Association Newsletter; April 17th, 2024

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Calibrated Benefits

Dear [Utah Trucking Association Members],

Calibrated Benefits Group is now a proud member of the Utah Trucking Association. Our goal is to get to know other members within UTA and see how we can best be a resource to you and your employees. With over 15 years in the medical and voluntary insurance industry, we are fully qualified to advise you on the best options for mitigating the financial risk to you, your company, your employees, and their families. 

We work with A+ Carriers that won’t break the bank and we are fortunate to provide special underwriting offers with our carrier partners with unique affordable solutions that other brokers currently do not have .:

  • Exclusive Enrollment Technology
  • Medical Solutions
  • Dental/Vision
  • Guaranteed Issue Group Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Group Voluntary Benefits
  • Dedicated Concierge Service 
  • Consultative Approach Educating You and Your Employees
  • Customized Benefit Packages
  • And More…

Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical and moral standards with all members, including your employees.

We would be honored to schedule an appointment and get to know more about your business and create a long-lasting relationship. 

One of our Executive Team Members may reach out prior to the upcoming conference to schedule an appointment.

We are available to meet over Zoom Conference, by phone, or in person by appointment. We will also have a booth at the UTA Conference May 8-10. Please stop by to say hello and get a goody bag to enjoy during the conference.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference!

As a result of the I-695 Key Bridge collapse due to ship strike, motorists must avoid the southeast corridor of I-695. The I-695 Outer Loop is closed at MD 10 (exit 2) and the Inner Loop is closed at MD 157/Peninsula Expressway (exit 43). Alternate routes will be the I-95 or I-895 tunnels; however, trucks should be aware of the following restrictions on those roadways.

Hazardous materials are prohibited in the tunnels and should use the western section of I-695 to travel around Baltimore. This includes vehicles carrying bottled propane gas in excess of 10 pounds per container (maximum of 10 containers), bulk gasoline, explosives, and significant amounts of radioactive materials.

Vehicles in excess of 13’-6”, in height, or 96” (8 feet) in width are prohibited from using the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel (I-895). The I-95 Ft. McHenry Tunnel restrictions are height – 14’ – 6”; width – 11’ – 0”.

FMCSA Outlines Latest Trucking Safety Initiatives 

Speaking during a Truckload 2024 luncheon here, Sue Lawless, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s acting administrator, updated the audience of trucking executives on industry safety initiatives, including truck parking, detention time, and safety technology pushes.

How the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Impacts Trucking 

The collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge also caused the Port of Baltimore to shut down, suddenly closing the nation’s largest port for roll-on/roll-off cargo. Trucking operations are also forced to navigate travel restrictions around a major East Coast traffic area.

‘Massive’ Rate Increase Needed to Finance $1 Trillion Electric Trucking Conversion

Battery electric trucking is an almost $1 trillion proposition, and that doesn’t include the cost of acquisition for the actual trucks, according to a report released Tuesday by the Clean Freight Coalition (CFC), an alliance of truck transportation stakeholders whose founding members include the American Trucking Associations and Truckload Carriers Association, among others. The trucking industry would be on the hook for more than 60% of a $1 trillion dollar investment need if the industry goes fully electric.

The Secrets to Keeping Drivers Safe and Happy

One of the key reasons that drivers choose to stay with their companies is because they feel safe and supported by their employers. Did you know that when drivers feel safe, cared for, and comfortable on the job, it can significantly increase job satisfaction and build long-term loyalty with your brand?

Cargo Thefts Spiked 68% in Q4, Led by Food and Beverage Freight  

Security experts see strategic cargo thefts soaring across US. Cargo thefts surged 68% year over year (y/y) in the fourth-quarter of 2023 compared with 2022, according to CargoNet, a subsidiary of data analytics firm Verisk. During the third quarter of 2023, cargo thefts were up 57% y/y compared to the same year-ago period.

White House Rolls Out Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy 

The White House released a national zero-emission freight corridor plan last week to guide medium- and heavy-duty truck charging and hydrogen fueling investments until 2040.

Senators Introduce TSA Clearance Bil

The Transportation Security Screening Modernization Act, introduced by Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) this month, seeks to standardize the security application process for individuals in the freight sector to facilitate their access to multiple credentials.

NHTSA Safety Committee Eyes Trailer Underride Retrofit Requirement 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Advisory Committee on Underride Protection (ACUP), a group tasked with providing advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation on safety regulations to reduce underride crashes and fatalities related to underride crashes, will recommend to Congress that any trailer built in the last quarter century meet Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ToughGuard standards.

Biden Administration Lays Out Plan for Zero-Emission ‘Freight Corridors’ 

The Biden administration released its plan to establish a charging and refueling infrastructure network for zero-emission commercial trucks, an initiative that seeks to maximize the impact of charging infrastructure investment by guiding development toward high-volume-priority corridors and existing freight hubs.

Did Increasing Workloads Allow Carriers to Stay Profitable?

According to a survey, more than 2,000 queried carriers had to work harder in 2023 to stay profitable. This included experiencing a significant increase in workload, driving an additional 3,000 miles on average, handling two more loads each month, and absorbing the cost for 17% of their miles as unpaid deadhead travel.

Announces New Strict Emissions Rule for Heavy Trucks 

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday set strict emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks covering model years 2027 through 2032. The new rules are somewhat more strict than those proposed last year.

Trucking Interests Blast EPA’s Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions Rule 

Groups representing carriers and retailers expressed concern about the fallout from the regulations for model years 2027 through 2032.

CVSA’s 2024 Inspection Blitz to Include DACH Queries-May 14th-16th 

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announces the focus areas for its annual International Roadcheck inspection event. This year, one of those focus areas will be checking drivers and vehicles for controlled substance and alcohol possession. In a first for CVSA, part of that check will be conducting a query in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s  Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (DACH)database.

UPS Wins US Postal Service Air Cargo Contract, Usurping FedEx

landed a deal with the U.S. Postal Service to become the agency’s primary provider of air cargo transportation, usurping current USPS partner FedEx Express, according to an announcement Monday.

FMCSA Explains the HOS Waivers Around Baltimore’s Bridge Collapse

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration spelled out further details of, and longer-range possibilities for, the hours-of-service waivers in place following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

CVSA’s Roadcheck to Focus on Tractor Protection Systems-May 14-16    

But this year, something different will be added to the 72-hour special enforcement operation: Inspectors will be screening drivers for signs of drug or alcohol impairment, and making data checks to see if drivers are listed as being in “prohibited driving status” on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse  (Transport Topics)    

FMCSA Has Rejected 34% of Under-21 Truck Driver Applications   

 The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says only 113 motor carriers have applied for its under-21 truck driver apprenticeship program since the agency began accepting applications in July 2022, a dismal sign for an initiative that had been expected to recruit up to 1,000 carriers and 3,000 drivers. The data, included in a fiscal year 2022 report submitted to Congress last week by FMCSA, also revealed that as of February 2024, FMCSA has rejected 34% – or 38 of the 113 applications received. The agency has fully approved only 30%, or 34 of the applications.

FMCSA to Make Congressionally-Required Changes to Under-21 Pilot Program

TheFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking emergency approval from the White House Office of Management and Budget to amend the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Program to keep the agency compliant with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2024, passed last month.

The Current State of Autonomous Trucking  

 With the development of autonomous vehicles ramping up, the trucking industry is faced with the challenge of learning about AVs and adding them to their fleets. But this doesn’t mean we’re about to see scores of driverless semis on highways across the U.S. anytime soon. 

Truck-Involved Crash Fatalities Rose in 2022  

 The number of people killed in traffic crashes involving large trucks increased by 2% from 2021 to 2022, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s final 2022 Fatality Analysis Reporting System data released this week. NHTSA defines “large trucks” as commercial and non-commercial trucks with GVWRs of over 10,000 pounds for the purposes of lthis report.

EPA Phase 3 Truck Emissions Rule Destined to Fail?   

Following the Good Friday release by the Environmental Protection Agency of its Phase 3 greenhouse gas emissions regulations final rule, numerous trucking and trucking-adjacent organizations have weighed in on the rule.

Don’t Let AI Replace the Human Element 

AI chatbots are becoming more common, but while they’redesigned to make information more easily accessible, they can actually lead to more driver and customer frustration if not tied to a human element.

Report: Drivers Spending Less Time on Their Phone 

Cambridge Mobile Telematics’ report “The State of U.S. Road Risk in 2024” reveals that for the first time since at least 2020, drivers are using their phones less compared to the previous year. In 2023, motorists spent 126 seconds per hour interacting with phone screens. That was a 4.5% decrease from 2022.

FMCSA Urges Truck Driving Schools to Apply for Grant Money

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials promoted a grant program for truck driver training during the Mid-AmericaTrucking Show last month, noting $3 million is available for schools and certain businesses.

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