Defensive Driving in Neighborhoods

If your drivers spend a good chunk of time in neighborhoods making deliveries, house calls, etc., here are two important stats they should know. According the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration

– 1 in 5 crashes occur within a one-mile radius of the driver’s residence

– 52 percent of crashes occur within a five-mile radius

Zombie Drivers: The Biggest Residential Driving Danger

The biggest danger in a neighborhood is the people who actually live there. When drivers are in a familiar environment, they go on “auto-pilot.” They’ve driven their own neighborhood a million times. So they’re physically behind the wheel, but their mental focus is elsewhere. They’re zombie drivers! They’re still moving but with very little brainpower dedicated to it. Braaaaaaaains! Worse, because they feel comfortable in their neighborhood, they often drive faster!

Distracted residents are just one of several hazards awaiting your associates in residential areas. Do your drivers have the skills and knowledge to safely navigate local neighborhoods?

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